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  • Based in South Manchester
  • Flying All Year Round
  • One to one training
  • All Ages
  • Some of the latest equipment in the world of RC
  • Complete beginners to experienced pilots
  • Advice given on purchasing a helicopter
  • Build, repair and setup service.


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Mark Bateman

Mobile: 07866 688279

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Model Flight Training is a well established Radio Controlled Helicopter flight training school.

Founded 12 years ago in 2008 and based is South Manchester, flying is at a field within easy reach of the M60 and M6 motoways.

From beginners who have never flown before up to inverted flight, we cater for everyone of all standards at our South Manchester field. You don't need to have your own model, we can supply all equipment and allow you to try RC flight before you purchase your own models. Its a unique opportunity to talk and gain advice and will ultimately save you endless confusion with inappropriate models and field accessories.

                                                                                  Remember - Buy Right Buy Once

For Beginners we recommend an ongoing series of lessons for new starters, we cover safety, pre and post flight checks, fuelling, battery charging, care and control of your own model. Beginning with our training under carriage we establish a stable, safe hover before progressing to various orientations and smooth controlled flight leading up to the BMFA 'A' Test.

Progressing further towards aerobatics and inverted flight your lessons will advance your skills and give you work to practise on your own. At this stage lessons may become more Adhoc and more specific to a particular area of flight or orientation. 

Many self taught pilots get stuck in the hover, lessons will take you beyond that point.

Radio controlled helicopter flight is exceptionally difficult but ultimately rewarding and very addictive - you'll never forget your first flights. This is possibly one of the most enjoyable hobbys.

Don't spend money on crash after crash, have lessons and be shown how to fly one and what to practice

Book a lesson, don't add to the many who try and give up without acheiving much flight, your first lesson is your first hover 

Some people are unsure about the advantage of lessons, I aim to take away that doubt, if you book your first lesson and are not satisfied I would offer you your money back on the day


Please read the customer comments / recommendations, as you will see we take pride in what we teach 



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Availability 2020

I teach as priority around the the British weather, just email or phone to make a booking


To book phone Mark on 07866 688 279 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Dont delay, book today, you won't be disappointed

Please see our customer comments pages


Last minute bookings are normally available


As long as its not raining or blowing a gale we fly 7 days a week


Corporate and group bookings available, make a day of it


Gift Vouchers are available, ideal for a present or gift, phone or email for details


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